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About Us

Min Mahaw was established with strongly three main objectives. First, we perform to develop the agricultural sector of our country and our farmers used to be the modernized technology and new agro-chemical products in their farms,second and to be higher their living standard than current situation, third.

Min Mahaw was established with strongest experience persons who had already got Bachelor of Agriculture degree from Yezin University on 1st September, 2012. We have 50 marketing staffs who had already got Bachelor of Agriculture degree and they had also10 to 15 years experience in the market. U Nay Oo who was 15 to 16 years the strongest experience person led the Min Mahaw company and his marketing team together with U San Yu Maung, U Wunna, U Ko Ko Hlaing Oo and so on.

In first year 2012, we sold our own products round about 0.7 million US dollars as our friendliest dealers, farmers and our marketing staffs in our market. It was 6 months only in first year. Second year 2013-2014, we sold our products about 1.2 million US dollars.


Our Address

အိမ်အမှတ် R-47, ကံကော် (၆) လမ်း၊ မြကံသာ အိမ်ယာ၊ လိှုင်မြို့နယ်၊ ရန်ကုန်မြို့ ။ ( သီရိမင်္လာဈေးရှေ့ ISM ကျောင်းဘေးမှ ဝင်ပီး ညာချိုး၊ ြမနန္ဒာလမ်းမကြီး မှ ဝင်ရန် - ISM International School လမ်း)



Give us a call at 01 -536127 , 01 -536127

Email us at



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