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MERIT is a selective herbicide, absorbed by both leaves and roots, with very limited translocation in the phloem.

Early post-emergence control of broad-leaved weeds in soya beans.


QBEEN is a systemic herbicide, absorbed from the leaf surface, with translocation throughout the plant, moving in both the xylem and phloem, and accumulating in the meristematic tissue. Growth ceases soon after foliar application, the actively growing tissues such as the intercalary meristem of grasses are affected first. Older leaf tissue may turn purple, orange or red before eventually becoming necrotic.

Selective post-emergence control of annual and perennial grass weeds in potatoes, soya beans, sugar beet, peanuts, oilseed rape, sunflowers, vegetables, cotton and flax.

CS 85

CS-85 (Carbaryl) is a contact and stomach insecticide with slight systemic properties, for use against many insect pests of cotton, fruit, vegetables, and other crops. It is available for household lawn and garden pest control, and in veterinary practice carbaryl is used on cattle, poultry and pets especially to control flies, mosquitos, ticks and lice (WHO, 1994).


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