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SIMPLEX is a liquid crop bio-stimulants concentrate ,derived from one of the most active seaweed species Ascophyllum nodosum and is grown in cold and clean waters of the North Atlantic coastal of Nova Scotia, Canada. Extracts is concentrated and has high levels of activity. Absorption into plant tissue is rapid and complete. It is a source of naturally occurring major and minor nutrients, carbohydrates, Amino acids and natural substances that resulting in enhance crop vigor ,stimulate the development of root and shoot system , increase number of roots and help plant from stress tolerance .

Benefits of SIMPLEX

- Stimulate the development of root system and increase number of roots.
- Stimulate growth and initiate floral bud development, increase number of flowers and complete flowers.
- Increase fruit set , reduce fruit drop and help to enlarge more uniform fruit and consistent size.
- Help recovery of plant after harvesting to flushing of new and darker green leaves are synchronized throughout the plant.
- Help plant to tolerance against environmental stresses such as drought , heat and cold.
- Can produce plant hormones resulting in better growth with more buds, healthier and greener leaves .


Our Address

အိမ်အမှတ် R-47, ကံကော် (၆) လမ်း၊ မြကံသာ အိမ်ယာ၊ လိှုင်မြို့နယ်၊ ရန်ကုန်မြို့ ။ ( သီရိမင်္လာဈေးရှေ့ ISM ကျောင်းဘေးမှ ဝင်ပီး ညာချိုး၊ ြမနန္ဒာလမ်းမကြီး မှ ဝင်ရန် - ISM International School လမ်း)



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